Deep peeling can be used for any dark area in the body, peeling and lightening the skin is an end for many women and the skin needs from time to time the peeling process to remove dead and unwanted skin to hide the effects of surface burns and brown spots resulting from acne, and re-radiance, freshness and vitality to the skin, In addition to the desire to obtain a firmer, clear and supple complexion.

Benefits of deep skin peeling:

Deep peeling removes different layers, starting from the surface layer of the skin and extending to the middle layer.

Treating the irritating effects of acne.

Minimize facial pores and smooth skin.

Treating superficial spots and small scars on the skin.

Remove wrinkles and tighten skin.

Renewal of the skin cells and their firmness.

Treating and brightening freckles.

What to do after deep skin peeling:

The face should be cleaned daily with soap intended for the skin and dried with a clean, soft towel.

- Apply home care cream to avoid infections and scars on the skin.

-  Avoid the sun to protect the skin from pigmentation and the apply sunscreen when going outside.

- Never scratch or itch .

- Don't use make-up two weeks after the peeling process.

- Don't remove the hair from the area that has been peeled for at least a month.

- Contact your own doctor if any side effects or severe complications occur.

The types of deep peeling that our clinic provides:

We offer in our clinic the best types of skin peeling , which are suitable for any area of the body such as face ,elbows, knees, armpits and bikini, including yellow peeling and TCA peeling.

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