Thread lift is a non-surgical 

Performed under local anesthesia, a small incision is made in the hair line to allow a specialized thread to be passed under the skin from the scalp area to the side of the mouth. Multiple threads are used in different directions to catch the excess skin. These threads are then pulled up and tied together in the scalp area for an immediate lift in the mid face, jowl and neck areas

An added benefit of the procedure is that by inserting the threads under the skin, the body’s healing reponse is provoked, causing collagen to surge in the areas that are healing. Collagen helps to keep the skin strong and supple but, as we age, the body gradually produces less collagen, resulting in loss of volume and more fragile ski, both of which contributes to wrinkles forming. So, not only does the Thread Lift have a lifting effect, it also serves to boosting natural collagen production with has an additional rejuvenating effect.

Without surgery. | Without downtime.

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