Injectablefillers can be used to fill in the deep folds that appear as we get older, suchas the nasolabial folds (also called “bracket lines” that run from the cornerof the nose to the corner of the mouth). Applied with skill and an artisticeye, fillers can also be used to excellent effect in order to create fullerlips, and to pad out hollows in the cheeks and under the eyes.  Whilecollagen was once used the main ingredient for fillers, this has now beenreplaced by brands such as Restylane, the primary component of which ishyaluronic acid.

Will I feel any pain whilehaving fillers?
Somediscomfort may be experienced when the fillers are injected, which can be mademanageable with the application of topical anaesthetic cream to the injectionsite or sites prior to the treatment commencing. The level of discomfort willvary from patient to patient depending on their individual pain threshold andthe location of the area or areas where the injection will take place; forexample, some areas are more sensitive than others, such as the lip area andunder the eyes. Your consultant will be able to advise on what to expect duringthe treatment in accordance with your individual situation, goals and treatmentplan.

How long do fillers last?
Fillerswith hyaluronic acid tend to last for between six to 12 months.

How much do fillers cost?
Treatmentcosts will vary depending on the size of the area or areas to be treated.. Foran accurate cost assessment, you will need to book aninitial consultation with one of our experienced dermatologists.

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